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ISGO Paris 14000 Puffs disposable 650mAh

د.إ 45.00د.إ 400.00

ISGO VEGAS 14000 Puffs disposable 650mAh

د.إ 45.00د.إ 400.00

New Products of ISGO VEGAS 14000 Puffs are available in Dubai Vape Market. we are here to provide the original and premium Quality ISGO Disposable series in UAE.

Introducing the ISGO Vegas 14000 Puffs Disposable Vape, a dynamic and thrilling vaping experience brought to you by ISGO. Inspired by the excitement of Las Vegas, this disposable vape delivers high-octane performance and unparalleled convenience. Here’s what makes the ISGO Vegas stand out:

Unrivaled Puff Count: With an astounding 14000 puffs, the ISGO Vegas ensures an extended vaping journey without the need for refills or replacements. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Dubai or unwinding at home, this vape promises hours of uninterrupted satisfaction.
Powerful Battery: Equipped with a robust 650mAh battery, the ISGO Vegas delivers consistent and reliable power to fuel your vaping sessions. Say goodbye to frequent recharges and hello to prolonged enjoyment.
Quick Charging with Type-C Interface: Featuring a convenient Type-C charging interface, the ISGO Vegas offers fast and efficient recharging, minimizing downtime and ensuring you’re always ready for your next adventure.
Optimal Nicotine Strength: With a nicotine content of 20mg or 2%, the ISGO Vegas provides a satisfying hit that caters to both seasoned vapers and beginners alike. Experience the perfect balance of flavor and throat hit with every puff.
Convenient and Portable: Designed for on-the-go convenience, the ISGO Vegas is compact and portable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavors wherever life takes you. Slip it into your pocket or bag and vape with ease, whether you’re exploring the city or relaxing with friends.
Hassle-Free Experience: As a disposable vape, the ISGO Vegas requires no maintenance or refilling. Simply vape until the last puff and dispose of the device responsibly, freeing you from the hassle of cleaning or coil changes.
Experience the thrill of Las Vegas with the ISGO Vegas 14000 Puffs Disposable Vape. Whether you’re in Dubai or beyond, indulge in the excitement and satisfaction that ISGO brings to the table. With its cutting-edge features and exhilarating performance, the ISGO Vegas is sure to become your go-to vaping companion.