FIFIA World Cup 2022 Prize Money

FIFIA World Cup 2022 Prize Money

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money Announced Really Huge Figures in Football history

The Biggest Sporting event on earth FIFA has just begun today in Qatar. The top 32 teams of football-playing countries are competing to get the most decorated title of football. While the honour of playing and winning the tournament is second to none,  the financial benefits of the tournament are also huge and beyond a layman’s speculations. While the teams fight tooth and nail for victory let us delve into the financial aspect of the prizes.

USD 42 million (Rupees 344 crore) is the amount the winner of the tournament will get. And that’s not all. Even the runner-up team in the final will get a huge amount of USD 30 million ie Rs. 245 Crores. You will be surprised to know that the award money for the winner is far more than the annual GDP of many countries of the world like Burundi which has GDP of U$ 272.14  for the year 2021.  

Such huge prize money matches the level of competitiveness, enthusiasm, buzz, and exuberance in this tournament.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money Distribution

In total, we will see 32 teams in the tournament. Each team receives money of 2 million dollars to prepare for the tournament. Then they get $10 million to take part in the group stage. The further they progress in the tournament, the more money they get. The winning team wins $50 million. Watch & Bet on Sports

World Cup of Football2022 Prize Money 2018 Prize money2014 Prize money
(M DOLLARS)teams: 32teams: 32nations: 32
Qualification bonus, 2.001,51,0
Qualify for the World Cup (32 teams)10.008,01,0
Round of 8 (16 lag)12.0012,00
Quarter final (8 lag)18.0016,002,0
Forth place25.0022,0018,00
Third Place30.0024,0020,00
Final, second place40.0028,00 25,00
Final, winner50.00 38,0035,00

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